Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cyberinfocts Ethical Hackers Forum

Cyberinfocts Ethical Hackers Forum
 Cyberinfocts Ethical Hackers Forum

Event Details

A comprehensive exposure to IT and Security. A platform where we discuss the latest on IT and IT security.
IT Professionals share their view on IT appliances , gadgets, softwars, products.
 Our next meet comes up on the 6th April 2013.

Topics: Session 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Session 2: Physical Security and Spy Gadgets
Session 3: Cloud computing and benefits
Session 4: Refreshments
Session 5: Bluetooth Security and Hacking
Session 5: Website Hacking and security controls

The purpose is to help to implement security making it a life style.

Time: 10am-1 pm
Date: 6th April 2013
Venue: 1st Floor Buffallo Plaza Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos
Fee: N500
For further details about what we do please visit: http://cyberinfocts.blogspot.com/
  To reserve your sit for the next Cyberinfocts Ethical Hackers Forum visit the link below.

Constantin Film Hacked by Team M3du5a

The attack was in response to last month's shutdown of  the file sharing Web site drei.bz. Members of the Anonymous-affiliated Team M3du5a hacker group recently breached the Web site for German film company Constantin Film.
"As a result of the breach, around two dozen usernames and passwords that protect the site’s backend, and the movie and budget databases have been leaked online," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "In addition, the hackers leaked over 300 email addresses belonging to employees and partners, and documents containing information on movies." Among the user passwords that were published were the unfortunate choices "1234" and "constantin." "The group also provided two screenshots which [show] that they have successfully logged in with the stolen credentails, [allowing] them to create new movie project post," writes E Hacking News' Sabari Selvan. "Anonymous used the hashtags #GVU and #DreiBZ in its tweet, suggesting the attack was in retaliation for the shut down of illegal filesharing portal drei.bz late last month by German copyright protection group GVU," writes The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Roxborough. "'F--- the Copyright Lobby and content mafia, F--- the GVU, RIP drei.bz' the group wrote in its posting."