Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blogger Ladun Liadi’s website hacked, later restored

Latest Hack attack  second in this month: All over the media:
Can cyber hacking be the new trend? Just a week after NET Newspaper's website got compromised, a Lagos based entertainment blog also fell to the hands of hackers, temporarily....Report says the site now reads ‘This website has hacked by TheArchAngels.’ First, it was The NET NG, now Ladun… "These hackers sha!!! 

Interesting that hack attacks are now frequent in the media, maybe is time to sit up and implement security. As a Security Analyst and Forensics Investigator, These questions are on my mind:

How come ?
How did it happen?
Why her?

As a security analyst, the hack attack could be as a result of these issues:
1. Might be as a result of a weak password, guessable password
2. Or she access the blogger in an unsafe Network or compromised PC, once a network is compromise all your key logs and screen shot will be sent to the attacker
3. Or some links are sent to her via her gmail acount and she did visit where the login credential are asked.(Phishing)
4. Or maybe tryed to follow some link to her traffic sometime bloggers get high amount of traffic from some malicious sources you endanger your blog by visiting via the blogger.

My little advice to other bloggers out there is to try to be security cautious.
Am an hacker and ethical one, but hacking dont succeed except there is a loop hole. How to prevent these loop holes:
  1. 1. Have a good antivirus software, is like we are a custom to the free antivirus which wont give us protection against internet threats, there are some good ones which are: Norton , Kaspersky, Avast , McAfee. etc
  2. Sorry to say this but accessing your email from a free wireless without a key might endanger your info cause someone may monitor what happens within the network
  3. Also becareful of using cyber cafe, wont say you shouldnt browse from there, preferably go with your own device if there is none then while browsing use private browsing so all your history wont be logged and remember to sign out after use. If you dont, anyone can access your blogger by just typing on the browser and going to your blogger and gbam already in there... this time no need to guess password cause your session is still on.
  4. You dont have to visit the traffic source all the time, sometime they are BOTNETS... some machines send request to your blog which seems you have several visitors. 
Thanks to google retreiveing a blogger is quiet easy if the password recovery details have not been changed.