Monday, 18 March 2013

SQL injection vulnerabilty exploits

Having seen the trrends on recent cyber attacks that led to the compromise of several database and resulted into lose of money , i think i need to inform my fellow nigerians who have been using swift network and have been paying via online medium that they need to hold on on that till their website vulnerability have been resolved. I discovered the vulnerabilty and have reported to the customer service but till  the time of this report there has been no response and the vulnerability  still exist this could result to your card details being hacked by the malicious hacker.

I urge those who are close to the management to do something about this vulnerabilty urgently cause i have noticed the  trends of hacking  incidents in past weeks and i see this same vulnerbailty has been their exploit by the hackers. Thank you .

Here are some pictures as  prove of concepts, please note that no tools has been run against the target.