Saturday, 13 July 2013

Turkish hackers Leak 40K Accounts Data From Sony Italy

Maxney, a hacker of the Turkish Ajan group, has announced another attack against a high-profile company. They have leaked over 40,000 records allegedly belonging to Sony Italy customers.
The information, apparently stolen from, consists of names, usernames, addresses, dates of birth, passwords and other user details.
Unfortunately for the individuals whose information has been made publicly available, the passwords are in clear text.
The data was posted online on SpeedyShare, but the file has been removed. However, it was online long enough to allow cybercriminals to copy the valuable information.
Over the past weeks, the same hackers targeted the US Air Force Culture and Language Center, Samsung Kazakhstan, the Akron-Canton Airport in Ohio, and the website of the City of Lansing (, the capital of the US state of Michigan