Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wikileaks dump second part of CIA dump

Wikileaks has recently published the codenamed Vault 7 containing details on the work of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). On March 23, they published the second part of documents, the dump is called "Dark matter".

The documents in "Dark matter" consists of several projects of the CIA, which have security services that can infect the Apple equipment (Mac, iPhone) with sustainable  Malware. This Malware can continue to remain in the firmware even after you reinstall the OS.

The first publication was known as "Year zero" (Year Zero), and it contained  8761 documents and files. Most of the documents belonged to an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina.

For security reasons, the tool was described such as the Sonic Screwdriver,  a method designed to execute code on a peripheral device, while Mac is loaded. With the help of this hackers can easily attack.

According to the documents, it shows that the CIA used modified adapters Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet to store malicious code. While, you can easily implant "DarkSeaSkies" in the EFI on the Apple MacBook Air and it contains some very useful tools like DarkMatter, SeaPea, and NightSkies, for EFI, for space of kernel and user.

After Wikileaks published the first part of the dump, the Apple representative assured that the bugs have been corrected, and the new version was already released and there is nothing to worry about now, but now the Apple is silent on the release of the second dump