Friday, 12 April 2013

After Anonymous Cyber Attack On Israel Several Youths Arrested In Jordan

Jordanian security forces arrested several youths who are suspected of attacking Israeli internet sites as part of the large scale cyber attack on Israel declared by the group called Anonymous.(Report Israelnationalnews)
In response, Anonymous threatened to attack Jordanian internet sites. The group demanded the activists' immediate release.
A Facebook group called "The Third Intifada – Jordan" boasted that 100,000 Israeli internet sites had been disabled. "Today we invade their internet sites and their electronic fortresses, and tomorrow we will attack them in their homes, which were established upon our land and which robbed us of our rights," the group wrote

opUSA: Get ready, because they are coming for your money

#opUSA is initiated after #opIsrael was a success in the eyes of the people that participated in the attack.  Operation United States of America stands for the fallen people in Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan and for the people that died because of an drone attack.  The operation seems to focus on financial services as the "Poster" for #opUSA mentions that they will "Hurt the only thing the American government cares about money, time to hit them where it hurts".

#opUSA is going to strike harder than #opIsrael

Cyberwarzone had a chat with the founder of #opUSA and  asked Mauritania Attacker a couple of questions:
MA = Mauritania Attacker
CWZ:     You had #opIsrael and now you are going to initiate #opUSA, why?
MA:       The USA government is equal to the Israeli government.
CWZ:     Did you expect #opIsrael to be that large?
MA:       Yes.
CWZ:     Israel initiated an hotline for #opIsrael, do you expect the same in #opUSA
MA:       yea I expect them to do the same but the saw what happened to Israel and this time there will                 be more damage.
CWZ:     A lot of global infosec specialists say that these attacks are for kids; what do you think about       that?
MA:       nope,  they just ignore a lot of things about the Cyber World ,but we did made Israel lose 3 billions,  do u think that is for kidz?
CWZ:     Thank you for your time.
Mauritania Attacker provided us the following link of their #opUSA pastebin. Mauritania Attacker  added that some teams chickened out.
The Pastebin file shows which teams are going to participate in the attack on the 7th of May 2013.

Posted first on Pastebin

# Op Usa 07/05/2013 
After Op Israel , Mauritania Attacker founder of  Mauritania HaCker Team , Ex Member in ZHC , Founder of Teamr00t and AnonGhost Team has decided to Launch another Op wich he called "Op Usa" also same day like Op Israel but the next month 07/05/2013.
He said that The Op Usa there will be more damage than Op Israel !
Official Teams and Members that are participating to this Op are : 
# AnonGhost Team :
Mauritania Attacker 
Virusa Worm 
Man Sykez
Deto Beiber
K4C3 Undetected 
Sky Lion 
Kais Patron 
Ian Surgent
Gbs Aremiey
Mr Domoz
Tak Dikenal
# TheHackersArmy
Tha Rude
# Mauritania HaCker Team :
Mauritania Attacker
Deto Beiber
BØo ȜnAs
Java Jee
Scrypts Sniper
# Moroccan Hackers :
Morrocan InjȜctor
# Ajaxteam :
# MLA :
# ZHC (Zcompany Hacking Crew).
# Khorasan Hackers Army Team.
# The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam cyber fighters Team.

Obama Gives $680 Million to Military Firm Owned by… Russia

putin obama
The level of corruption that exists in the government is difficult for people of integrity to even comprehend. Almost every action taken by politicians is about power brokering. It’s about keeping power in the family — in the establishment.
That’s why John McCain is attacking Rand Paul and defending Obama. He’s part of the system, and people who challenge the system are the enemy, no matter what party they’re in.
For an example of how corrupt things are, just look at what Obama just did. He sent $680,000,000 to a Russian-government owned military company. Why? To buy helicopters. Who would use the helicopters? Afghanistan. That’s right, this foreign aid is even worse than the aid being given to Egypt, because at least Egypt was buying US hardware.

Keeping Track of the Score
Here are some more examples of what went wrong with this “deal”:
  • It gave money to Russia. Honestly, if this being a problem needs to be explained, we’re further gone than I thought. We shouldn’t be spending our money to give to the governments of other countries — especially not Russia.
  • It gave hardware to Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan can’t be bailed out by US taxpayers forever. It’s time they take their own security as their own responsibility.
  • It gave money to a corrupt firm. The firm that received the millions – It gave money to a corrupt firm (Rosoboronexport) has helped send military hardware to other tyrannical regimes, like the Syrian government. We’re essentially financing a corporation that’s helping murder people.
  • It was a no bid contract. US arms makers couldn’t even bid on the contract. This wasn’t just about arms — this was political. This was power-brokering. Obama is trying to make friends with powerful people — and he’s using our money.
  • It bypassed congress. Congress explicitly has made it difficult to buy anything from Rosoboronexport. Obama bypassed them. People from both parties have condemned our deals with Rosoboronexport in the past, and apparently, the administration couldn’t care less.
In the end, like almost all of our foreign policy, this was about power. It’s not about liberty, or security, or the economy. It’s about power brokering. We simply can’t afford this any longer. Please help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter — people need to know that there’s bipartisan anger over Obama taxing us to give to the Russians.

What did we learn from #opIsrael?

#opIsrael was announced a month before the initial attack. A lot of people were upset because the attackers put a link to the Holocaust. The same attackers are initiating the #opUSA operation and the attack is announced to be on the 7th of May 2013.

So what did we learn from #opIsrael?

#opIsrael hit various website and the attack claims to have cost the Israeli country a lot of money. So what did Israel do to keep an eye on the attack? Israel initiated an hotline for people that were suffering from an cyber attack. This was a great success as a lot of people used the hotline to inform the government about the attacks.
The question that rises is; Will the USA initiated an similar project to provide their citizens an platform to report the attacks that will be initiated on the 7th of May.

ING lost millions because of a simple mistake

In the Netherlands the ING bank suffered from a single point of failure in their infrastructure and they were offline for 3 days. Some people became millionaires in seconds and some lost all their savings.This cost them a lot of money. The #opUSA operation seems to target financial sectors. So be warned.

WTC 9/11 plotters 'had emails hacked'

Lawyers for the five men accused of plotting the September 11 attacks asked a judge Thursday to delay an upcoming hearing after learning that emails with their clients had been monitored.
The surveillance was only the latest instance of compromised confidentiality at Guantanamo Bay, following revelations earlier this year that secret censors could block a public feed of court proceedings and that listening devices masked as smoke detectors were hidden in meeting rooms.
The next preliminary hearing for the September 11 defendants had been set to take place on April 22 at the US military base at Guantanamo.
James Connell, a lawyer for Pakistan's Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, said he had filed an emergency motion to the military judge presiding over the case "to pause proceedings in the 9/11 trial after revelations that defense email communications and computer files have been compromised."

"This new disclosure is simply the latest in a series of revelations of courtroom monitoring, hidden surveillance devices and legal bin searches," he added.
Military commissions Judge Colonel James Pohl has delayed for the same reasons a hearing for Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri of Saudi Arabia until mid-June. The hearing for the man accused of masterminding the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole had originally been set to begin Monday.
In response to the claims, the military's chief defense counsel, Colonel Karen Mayberry, ordered all attorneys representing detainees before the court to stop using their computers for confidential email and court documents.
The email surveillance "follows on the heels of the seizure of over 500,000 emails containing attorney-client privileged communications, as well as the loss of significant amount of defense work product contained in shared folders," said Commander Walter Ruiz, a lawyer for Saudi defendant Mustafa al-Hawsawi.
The order to stop using servers and emails, "essentially cripples our ability to operate," he said.
Nashiri and the five men accused of plotting 9/11 face the death penalty.
During the last 9/11 hearing, it was revealed that all conversations, including those whispered, between the accused and their lawyers could be heard by government monitors, whether they took place in the courtroom or in offices where they meet behind closed doors.