Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cyber defender for smart meters funded

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cyber defence firm has bagged a multi-million pound investment to counter security challenges faced by the smart energy sector.
“Smart” meters which send energy data between the user and suppliers are set to boom ahead of a planned roll-out to 53 million homes and businesses around the UK by 2020.
MWR InfoSecurity got money from the EU’s Environmental Technologies Fund to research the threats faced by the smart energy sector.
Smart grid technology means a “more energy efficient future” but also new “challenges” according to Ian Shaw, MWR’s Managing Director.
He said: “One area that is becoming increasingly important to us is the energy sector, as we strive to help utilities and infrastructure providers secure their networks, smart grids, remote energy generation facilities, smart meter and home automation sites.”
Rob Genieser, partner with the Environmental Technologies Fund added: “We are very pleased that the company will devote substantial resources to tackle security issues that arise from the new green and distributed energy network.”

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