Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hacker group Anonymous targets Nova Scotia Power

A group puporting to be members of the hacker collective Anonymous are warning Nova Scotia Power to lower its rates and freeze kickbacks and bonuses for CEOs.
In a Youtube video released under the account name ‘anonymous maritimes’ made late Wednesday, the group says it has information showing corruption within the monopoly.
They are calling the action #OpTakeNSPowerBack.
“For too long we have closely watched as Nova Scotians have struggled with their power bills. We have watched as they have had to make tough choices between power, food and heat, mortgages, and other costs of living,” the video says.
The group calls the decisions Nova Scotians are making today in the face of high energy costs cruel and uncalled for sacrifices.
“Nova Scotia has had enough. It is now time for you to take note of our demands,” the video says.
The demands include reasonable power rates, to not disconnect the power of those unable to pay their bills, commit to actual power usage instead of estimated charges, a five-year wage freeze for all corporate members and cutting corporate kickbacks and bonuses.
The group was vague on possible consequences if its demands were not met, only saying they have information that will confirm corruption within the private monopoly.

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