Sunday, 9 March 2014

Microsoft plans full fix for Internet Explorer zero-day SnowMan exploit

Snowman zero day uncovered by FireEye targeting Internet Explorer
Microsoft has detailed plans to release a full fix for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 that was being targeted by so-called Operation SnowMan hackers.
The issue first came to light in mid-February when it was uncovered by security firm FireEye. Microsoft did release a rush fix for the issue given its severity, as several organisations, such as veterans charity, were hit by attackers using the exploit.
Now the firm has given more details of plans for a full fix to be released in its latest Patch Tuesday update, scheduled for 11 March.
Dustin Childs, group manager for Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing division, wrote: “The update provided fully addresses the issue first described in Security Advisory 2934088 [the Internet Explorer issue]."
“While we have seen a limited number of attacks using this issue, they have only targeted Internet Explorer 10. Customers using other versions of Internet Explorer have not been impacted.”
Other fixes being released include a “critical” fix for Windows and three “important” fixes, two for Windows and one for Silverlight.
Microsoft has not disclosed specifics on the issues being patched here, in order not to give away any information that could be used by criminals prior to the patch release.
The firm also said it would release an updated version of its Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool via Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Windows Server Update Services and the Download Center.
The updates come amid ongoing security concerns being raised about Microsoft's Windows XP platform, which is now just one month from reaching its support cut-off date.

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